Circle Calls

Come join us for our weekly circle calls, where we share stories, hear from each other and learn about themes and concepts behind cyclical ways of living and working (German and English).


Circles are for deep listening, storytelling and connection. We’re meeting once a month (usually a first Friday) for a casual chat around cyclical ways of living and working.

First Friday 10:00 am CET – Introduction to the Conscious Cycle Kit
First Friday 10:30 am CET – Q&A and chats on cyclical ways of living and working (English)

Erster Freitag im Monat 11:30 Uhr – Intro zum Conscious Cycle Kit
Erster Freitag im Monat 12:00 Uhr – Q&A und offener Kreis rund um zyklisches Leben und arbeiten (deutsch)

We’ll meet online and share a private channel.
The circle calls are free of charge, just join us us telegram to receive access.

Scan QR code to access Telegram-Group.

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