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It seems like the entire planet is about to shift. In this chaos your creative self awareness can be your anchor. The Conscious Cycle Kit is a self-coaching tool to

  • center yourself through everyday rituals,
  • unravel your creativity, and
  • build resilience along the way.

Connecting with your deep rhythm through these practices can help to navigate uncertainty gracefully.

Explore your Creative Rhythm

The Conscious cycle Kit White Edition gives nugget-sized inspiration for quick everyday use. Some cards give direct actions while others are like Koans, a mystery to dwell on.

64 cards to gently turn the needle towards a more creativity.
The set is based on four seasons and four cycles:
1. Courage (an initiation journey),
2. Respect (towards others, yourself and nature),
3. Resilience (personal and ecosystemic) and
4. Creativity (the process and your connection to it).

The seasons are like annual seasons. It‘s no coincidence that the creative process resembles the seasons: they’re the blueprint for creation.

Explore the Mystery of Creation

The Black Edition is our comprehensive card deck for deep thinkers. It offers a multi-dimensional approach to tapping life’s creative forces. This kit is an expansion of the White Edition and reveals some of the mysteries that may remain hidden in the simpler version.

The kit comprises a card deck of 64 cards, a poster, and a leporello in a beautiful box, and our DigiPack, containing several worksheets and an ebook.

To try a kit, please get in touch. We’re happy to ship.

Usually we use the kits in our work. Explore our 1:1 sessions and workshops.

To try a kit, please get in touch. We’re happy to ship.

Find out about our workshops – using the kits.

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