Conscious Cycle Kit – White Edition


This card deck can be used as a tarot, creativity prompt and self-help guide. It gives nugget-sized inspiration for quick everyday use. In addition, basic laying techniques offer insights into the dynamics of cyclical thinking.

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Explore your Creative Rhythm

The Conscious cycle Kit White Edition is a discovery tool to design your life consciously. Some cards give direct actions while others are like Koans, a mystery to dwell on.

64 cards to gently turn the needle towards a more sustainable lifestyle.
The set is based on four seasons and four cycles:
1. Courage (an initiation journey),
2. Respect (towards others, yourself and nature),
3. Resilience (personal and ecosystemic) and
4. Creativity (the process and your connection to it).

The seasons are like annual seasons. It‘s no coincidence that the creative process resembles the seasons: they’re the blueprint for creation.

This basic version of the Conscious Cycle Kit comes without an intro session.

The kit comprises a card deck of 64 cards and a leporello with introduction and laying techniques in a beautiful box.

We do our best to produce and ship carbon-neutrally and 1€ of your purchase go towards a water protection project.

A NOTE ON INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: Given the shipping costs for overseas purchases, we’d like to offer our help for bulk orders. If you collect 5 orders, we send you a big package and put two of our prototype sets on top (they’re perfect, just without a box).

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